Titan is a cute boy who need room to run! He is full of energy and loves to snuggle. We recently moved to the area and realized my allergies were being caused by him. It has broken my heart to know that my allergies are what s keeps my me from having him. He is loveable and very playful.
GRETCHIE... This lovable and tender rottie waited on someone to save her from the shelter. Well, that did not happen and we knew her fate if we did not get her out. Fosters Roxanna and Jim Mcgovern have love of the Rottie breed so I knew exactly who to...
We are down sizing our home and will not be able to provide the loving, gorgeous, charming, fun loving and awesome dog what he needs. He is free of charge and come with a bag of food and large kennel.
J ger is a great dog with some issues due to his past before we adopted. He prefers a calm environment with a few great walks a day. He likes to lay around the house otherwise. He is nice with OLDER children only, which is why we are rehoming.
Her name is Carolina and she is a rottie mixed breed not sure what other bread. Carolina background is she came from an elderly couple they had her for about a year and she loved them to death. But the 1st owner died and then about a month later the other owner died and then she was supposed to be adopted to a lady who wanted her but Carolina only knowing the elder couple run away from her two ...
Copper is a giant baby, and just wants to be near his humans. He prefers to be the only dog as he has lots of love to give. He is very cuddly and always happy.
When Goliath was found and taken into Rescue he was thin, had pneumonia and a severe case of heart worms. The Veterinarian said he had a 50% chance of surviving. A year later he is healthy and weighing in at 100lbs. Heart worm negative and pneumonia free. This...
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